Advanced Learner's Program

Leverage Your Interest and Passion 

"Most children in school fail to develop more than a tiny part of the tremendous capacity for learning, understanding, and creating with which they were born and of which they made full use during the first two or three years of their lives...They fail because they are afraid, bored and confused."
-John Holt

"One had to cram all this stuff into one's mind, whether one liked it or not. This coercion had such a deterring effect that, after I had passed the final examination, I found the consideration of any scientific problems distasteful to me for an entire year...It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of education have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom; without this it goes to wrack and ruin without fail. It is a very grave mistake to think that the enjoyment of seeing and searching can be promoted by means of coercion and a sense of duty. To the contrary, I believe it would be possible to rob even a healthy beast of prey of its voraciousness, if it were possible, with the aid of a whip, to force the beast to devour continuously, even when not hungry."
-Albert Einstein

Nithin had always been fascinated by science and was shuttling between his passion for the life sciences on hand and physics on the other hand. And that very year, a few months earlier had come the announcement of the detection of Gravitational Waves. That paradigm shifting discovery had really settled his career for him. Theoretical Physics was going to be his mainstay. He was absolutely certain he would somehow make it to a career as a physicist, possibly working at Caltech or CERN or even MIT.  He was just completing the 10th grade of his IB from one of the top International Schools in Bangalore. His basics in physics were quite strong and so also his problem solving skills. It appeared that his admission to the universities of his choice would be quite straightforward. Eagerly he and his parents approached an internationally reputed career counselor from a well-known university platform about what he could do to strengthen his application to the universities along with the SAT and AP exams he was about to take. But what his counselor told them came somewhat as a surprise if not a shock. He needed to have some research experience perhaps even a research article or paper or at the least, proof of learning that could result in such accomplishment. It would help if he even came up with a research project and wrote an abstract that could be sent along with the applications. He could work out the actual paper as an ongoing project after that submission. Indeed, writing an abstract was an implicit evidence of the paper in the making.

The surprise was that he was just in his 10th grade and had absolutely no idea of what research actually was. And the shock was that he had just two years to go before he could apply to the universities and submit proof of such learning. And there was all that academic requirements and extra curricular activities that were equally a priority. Fortunately for him, that same counselor conveyed to him of what a previous student she had counseled had managed to do, not only mastered a difficult branch of Theoretical Physics but also written a very nice paper that had been published in a reputed international journal. Moreover, the counselor informed him that this student was only one such. There were quite a number of exceptionally and even extraordinarily accomplished school students who had done really serious scientific work in Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, and most astonishingly, in Medical Science also.

Now this was a greater surprise. How could anyone do such outstanding studies at the school level? The counselor said there was such a place where it was possible, CFRCE. Yes, at CFRCE this was happening even as they were discussing. Almost every student there was onto serious research and inquiry. And only those students who were independent learners having an exceptional self-drive could get admission at CFRCE. Just the previous year, one of the students had acquired so tremendous a learning experience that she had won the prestigious Tata Scholarship for Cornell University, another a fabulous scholarship for the University of Stony Brooke, yet another a scholarship for Caltech, and another for the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It would obviously be best for Nithin if the student and his parents found these out firsthand by visiting the Centre.

The only hurdle, the counselor made them aware, was that admission to the Advanced Learner's program demanded that the students had a clear idea of why they wanted to join it and the reasons had to be intrinsic. It was no use wanting to join it merely for getting research experience. That just was not good enough for being selected by CFRCE. But having a great interest and passion and wanting to learn, discover and master the domain was the kind of purpose that was necessary to get admission. And this had to be captured in a brief Statement of Purpose. That indeed was the way to enter the program. And once the student was accepted into the program, the research experience would follow naturally and spontaneously as a by product of deep enjoyment of learning and inquiry. So, since Nithin really had the interest and passion he could approach CFRCE  to acquire the necessary research experience. Once that was done, the learning documented by CFRCE would provide the strongest possible support for admission to the universities, as then the student would be able to withstand any kind of testing in the learning he or she would have acquired. That was the kind of solid grounding in research oriented studies that CFRCE would empower the student with.

Very soon Nithin found himself enrolled in the Advanced Learner's program and just as predicted, in his first year he mastered Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, the Classical Theory of Fields and Quantum Mechanics including Mathematical Methods and was very soon, deep into research. The outcome, therefore, would follow as a matter of course. After barely one year he had sufficient research experience to make it to the top universities of his choice. And since that was only a means to his ultimate objective of becoming a researcher, he choose to continue and complete the second year, thereby embarking on  independent research in the field of his passion. In just two years after enrolling in the program he made it to a prestigious scholarship of over $ 260,000 and made it to the Ivy League university he had always dreamed of.

The CFRCE Advanced Learner's Mentoring Program is a unique program that addresses the intellectual needs of the highly self-driven, bright and independent-minded student who is enthralled and fascinated by advanced topics in science, space, technology, etc. It unleashes the student's interest and passion in a given field and leverages the student to exceptional levels of achievement and secures admission in the topmost universities of the world.



Age/Grade Group: 10 to 18 years/Std 6 to 12


Who can Join 


  • Students who are fascinated by advanced level topics.
  • Students who lack challenge and are bored regarding their standard school syllabus.
  • Students who have passion towards particular fields of their interest.
  • Students who want to do their undergraduate studies at Ivy League and other foreign Universities via SAT and related examinations.




  • This program unleashes the dormant creative energies and builds up the cognitive-conative-affective faculties of the student.
  • A high degree of personal development goes hand-in-hand with subject mastery and forms a key component of the program.
  • The program addresses the student's maturity or mental-emotional age and provides a high degree of motivation to excel in the student's field of interest.



  • The student's interest and passion are nurtured.
  • The student learns to optimize time and energy and do full justice to his/her field of interest without compromising or giving up any of the extra-academic activities like sports, games, cultural pursuits.
  • The student is inevitably led to secure admission at Ivy League Universities via SAT and related examinations.


Credits and Certificates


  • Successful completion the advanced level topics is awarded with a certificate and the credits earned.
  • Students learn to use Projects and Internships to consolidate their learning and progress rather than the conventional practice of tests and exams.
  • Exceptional students earn additional credits by covering advanced level topics of their own choice during the course of the program. 
  • The spirit of inquiry and investigation is encouraged thus unleashing the future scientist and innovator, leader and entrepreneur.




The syllabus is designed by CFRCE and customized with care, taking due account of the interest, passion and academic requirements of the student.




Application for this program is open throughout the year.

Send a request for appointment or call: 99450 56668 / 96324 36989 / 96864 49989 to talk to us in person.


Admission Process


  • After the first meeting with the Director, an Application and Statement of Purpose form for the particular program will be sent by email.
  • The completed application form is to be submitted over email to
  • The CFRCE Board will finalize the selection of the student based on the meeting with the Director, the application form and SOP.
  • Selected students can then enrol themselves by completing the admission formalities.


The decision of CFRCE board on all matters regarding admission is final.


Former CFRCE Advanced Learners

Anirban Gupta

Anirban Gupta

MS, Ohio State University, USA
Abhijith Janardhan

Abhijith Janardhan

MS, Aerospace Engg, University of Toulouse, France
Sriharsha Sheshanarayan

Sriharsha Sheshanarayan

MS, Aerospace Engg, University of Toulouse, France
Arvind Shreyas

Arvind Shreyas

MS, Aerospace Engg, University of Toulouse, France
Shreyas B P

Shreyas B P

B. Tech, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal
Prithvishree Ravindra

Prithvishree Ravindra

MBBS, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore

Nikhila Karanth

MBBS, Vydhei Institute of Medical Sciences and Research,