CFRCE Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Program

Pankaj Rawal had always been interested in robots. His first encounter with robots had been in his 1st grade. He had built a robotic dinosaur using a kit. His only disappointment was that it could not move like a real dinosaur. Its neck and limb movements were mechanical, much like that of a crane or a bulldozer. He had tried his best to make the movements fluid more like a living organism but to no avail. He had looked up all possible sources, electronics, programming, mechatronics and everything indicated that he had to await further advances in technology itself.


Meanwhile, school had caught up with him and for a few years he had forgotten all about robots. It was in his 8th grade that he chanced upon an article on the great inventor-entrepreneur, Ray Kurzweil. And his dormant involvement in robots sprang back to life. He immediately looked up Ray Kurzweil's latest book, "The Singularity is Near." Browsing it was an unforgettable experience. He realized that a new field, "Artificial Intelligence," had become the foremost branch in Computer Science and that this held promise of making intelligent robots, something much more challenging and interesting to him than making the movement of robots fluid like. And for this he had to learn Computer Science in general and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in particular.


Over the years, he looked up several articles and videos on the topics but yearned for a more systematic approach to them. After his 12th grade he had joined the Bachelor's program in Computer Science but had been disappointed as these two favourite topics of his we not included in the curriculum at all. Fortunately, he had ran into a professor at his college who told him,

"Pankaj, no doubt you are very passionate about AI and Robotics. But the Bachelor's program in Computer Science is a necessary step to acquire the required background. You can always wait to finish that and then take on AI and Robotics. However, as you are already so earnest and passionate about them you can pursue the topics in parallel to your engineering program. Next week there is a seminar here in this college on the CFRCE Artificial Intelligence and Robotics program launched by the Centre for Fundamental Research and Creative Education . It would be a good idea for you to attend it and if you find it helpful, apply and join the program. It is a 4-year program that goes in parallel to the engineering degree and will certainly give you a head start in AI and Robotics."


Pankaj indeed attended the seminar and was enraptured by the presentation. Soon enough he applied and was selected to the program. At last he was on his way to pursue his passion in full earnest.


The CFRCE Artificial Intelligence & Robotics program is a dream program for the bright young undergraduate student of science and engineering keen to learn the most modern concepts and methods of Artificial Intelligence on one hand and Robotics on the other hand. It is perhaps the only program of its kind in that it steeps the earnest student in the most modern aspects of both AI and Robotics.