The Meeting of the Titans: Satyarup Siddhanta meets CFRCE Students

It was indeed a meeting of the titans when on Saturday, August 25, 2018, Satyarup Siddhanta, the conquerer of the world's seven highest summits including Mt. Everest and the six volcanic summits climbed up the stairs of the second floor of the CFRCE campus building to meet the bright young conquerers of the world's great domains of human knowledge ranging from Theoretical & Mathematical Physics through Astronomy & Astrophysics, Aerospace Engineering, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Biological & Medical Sciences...A Computer Science Engineer himself, Satyarup Siddhant found it pleasantly surprising and almost shocking to see students barely in their teens immersed deep in esoteric domains and fields of creative inquiry. The students enthralled and immersed in the flow zone opened their view to thrill in awe of someone who has actually scaled the summits and standing next to them and being introduced to each of them. No doubt, many a student there were also into one or the other adventure sports like Satyarup Siddhanta. But the journey from rock climbing or bungie jumping or scuba diving to that of climbing the very summits of the world! That was orders of magnitude beyond and a wave of thrill and excitement swept through the students.

Satyarup Siddhanta's talk was scheduled to take place just after two of the CFRCE students, Rahul Kumar and Viswesh Krishna gave their talks on their research work done at the University of California, Santa Barbara Summer School that they just returned from, a few weeks ago. 

Rahul Kumar, student of the CFRCE Advanced Learner's Program, having entered his 10th grade at Indus International School, Bangalore, spoke on "Comparing and Analyzing Bacterial Genomes to Predict the Ecology of Uncultivated Organisms." His presentation was masterly and exhibited great command of the subject matter. And coming to think of it, Rahul Kumar's main interest and passion is pure mathematics and computer science rather than biology. 

So to those at CFRCE who were already aware of his previous work on "The Monty Hall Problem, a Python Simulation," and "Evolution of Cryptography from Julius Caeser's times to Present," that he has summarized in two research papers, it was a wonderful feeling to witness him exhibiting tremendous learning and mastery in the biological sciences as well. 

Viswesh Krishna in his 12th grade, student of the CFRCE Advanced Learner's Program, having entered his 12th grade at National Public School, Indiranagar, Bangalore, spoke on "Utilizing Path Analysis and fMRI Activation Patterns to Effectively Categorize Navigators." His presentation was masterly and exhibited great command of the subject matter.  

To those at CFRCE who were already aware of his previous work on "Machine Learning Analysis of Meteor Shower Data," that he had summarized in two research papers, this was a real treat and found him building on his already deep learning to bring his insights into the topic of Navigators. 

 And then came Satyarup Siddhanta to enthral the audience from his very first step on taking them along the journey of the highest order. As he spoke it was a awe-inspiring wave that swept through the viewers and listeners and the combination of light and sound had a mesmerizing effect and put them into another world-zone altogether.

Satyarup Siddhanta talked of the tremendous odds that faced him even as he began to dream of the epic climb of "human soul from its flat earthly state to the discovery of a greater dawn and the far gleam of an eternal light," as one great poet of India wrote in his epic poem. Words felt meek and weak to describe the splendour of the event and the meeting of great physical achievement blended with great intellectual achievements in a harmonious melody of music that was nothing less than a paean song of the human spirit.  

CFRCE wishes Satyarup Siddhanta the very best in his onward march towards scaling the seventh highest volcanic peak Mt Sidley in January 2019 that will crown him as the youngest person in the world to do so and enter his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.  

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Sunday, 21 April 2019