1. What is CFRCE?

CFRCE is an organization devoted to positive change via learning. We make learning an extraordinary experience as a matter of culture and human refinement.

2. Can learning be such an experience?
3. How do you do it?
4. We have heard you do a 'technology transfer' of skills?
5. Do you make use of any particular technique?
6. What about Multiple Intelligences?

CFRCE Method

1. Could you please tell us something about CFRCE in simple terms? Your website of course captures it all very nicely but I think it is somewhat technical.

CFRCE is a place where you learn. Where you really, really learn. There is no compromise on that. It does not matter whether you study or not but you learn. And you do that in the most natural and spontaneous manner possible to a human being. You know, one of the most key distinctions we base all our methodology is this: Learning is an Instinct. You don't need to teach learning, not one bit. It is there programmed into the genes, into the neurology, into the very stuff of what makes us human. I would go one step further and say that learning is a survival instinct programmed into every organism starting from the one-celled prokaryote, bacteria! It is just that as human beings are in the very crust of evolution, they have the greatest potential instinct. But having it does not mean you use it. Instinct can manifest only under the appropriate environmental conditions. Even the bacterial learning instinct can be inhibited by hostile environmental conditions. Likewise, most present educational systems actually inhibit the learning instinct. Teaching is a great inhibitor of the learning instinct in children.

2. You are saying that teaching is an inhibitor of learning. It's hard to agree with that, given the veneration that teaching is held with, and the veneration teachers are looked upon throughout history.
3. So, you don't believe in teaching as it goes by that name currently?
4. That's exactly what I am unable to understand. I mean, how can you get such teachers? How do you train them?
5. If you don't train them, wouldn't they do whatever they want? How do you ensure coherence and consistency with your vision?
6. How do you actually get your mentors? I mean the recruitment process.
7. What are the requirements you have for a prospective mentor?
8. What do you mean by evocative skills and personal power?
9. Are you suggesting that your mentors need to have a great deal of personal development?
10. Your students are currently achieving so extraordinary a success. One of them in his 12th grade has bypassed the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and is going for a Ph. D straight after high school. And another is soon to follow?
11. What is intriguing is that you are consistently producing students like that.
12. How early do you take in students?
13. Till what level do you take students?