CFRCE Mathematics & Computer Science Program

From a very early age, Rohan had always been fascinated by computers. He was hardly five years old when he came across a non-functioning laptop. And assured by his parents that it was of no use to anyone, he had taken it apart step by step with his fathers help. Imagine his surprise when he found it to be nothing but wires and devices that his father told him were called circuits, chips and microprocessors. He was a little disappointed. For had he not expected something of the life he had come across in the display monitor. But then, his father told him that that was also not real. It was only a play of electrons and photons that somehow fell on the retina of his eyes and made those life-like images.

Rohan had then asked his father another question. Who was it who saw the images on his retina. In asking that question, Rohan had innocently stumbled across the concept of the homunculus. Instead of answering his question as to whether there was a homunculus, his father asked him to investigate it himself. Thus began Rohan's serious involvement in science. He began to devour books and articles on the Brain in particular. A little later this led him back to study computers in greater detail. He learnt about electricity and magnetism and electronics. This kindled a burning interest in physics. He browsed videos on the internet and came across the utterly fascinating new concept of the Technological Singularity.

And as he mastered certain programming languages, his passion turned to numbers and mathematics. But still he had not yet arrived at an answer to his question. Meanwhile school had began and sapped his time and energies away onto the formal academics and all the paraphernalia of exams and their preparation. By his 8th grade, Rohan was in a crisis. And two years later he was onto a so-called integrated program that consumed his time entirely. Highly disillusioned with the educational system, Rohan felt high and dry at the end of his 12th grade. His preoccupation with the Board exams had left him hardly any time to prepare for his SAT or AP exams that would have enabled him to apply to universities in the United States, his last hope for salvation from the dull, unimaginative academics he had been subjected to so far. Reluctantly, he joined his Bachelors degree program in Computer Science at a prestigious Engineering college.

But sadly, there was no mention at all of all that he had been so fascinated about, the Technological Singularity, Nanobots, Robotic Exoskeletons and a host of topics in modern computing. It was at this time that he encountered the CFRCE Mathematics & Computer Science Program.  At last there was an opportunity to learn all those topics he had been excited about and seeking, in real earnest.

The CFRCE Mathematics & Computer Science Program is a dream program for the bright young undergraduate student of science and engineering keen to learn the most modern concepts and methods of Mathematics & Computer Science on one hand and the foundations of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence on the other hand. It is perhaps the only program of its kind in that it steeps the earnest student in the most foundational aspects of Mathematics, Computer Science, Information theory, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.