Centre for Fundamental Research and Creative Education

CFRCE is an organization of passionate scientists and researchers, thinkers and educationists, and social entrepreneurs committed to positive change and self-actualization. We aim to initiate a revitalizing ripple effect in all aspects of learning and inquiry, creativity and research, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and education. 


We strongly believe that Learning is to Cognition what Evolution is to Life. We hold that learning cannot be compartmentalized other than for mere convenience either by erecting artificial barriers or by excessive institutionalisation. 


We consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity and enjoyment of learning as a part of culture, human refinement, emotional catharsis, intellectual adventure, enrichment and ennoblement. We strive to open up opportunities for the empowerment of learning to aspiring individuals at all levels and ages, irrespective of formal academic criterion.



Our Vision and Mission


The Human mind thrives best not in isolation but in full participation in the life movements. For quite a long time, learning has been compartmentalized into so-called, 'academic' and 'non-academic' domains and fields. On one hand this is enormously convenient. Academic discipline brings clarity and rigor into the domains of inquiry, a kind of severe austerity that is indispensable if the human mind is to guard itself against its error-prone, fallibility and gullibility. An academic approach allows it to mobilize its cognitive and emotive faculties into a mental theodolite that serves to guide it through the labyrinths of ignorance. Lack of academic training easily leads individuals to exaggerations and misjudgements, superstition and falsehood and fosters belief-systems that not only hinder their own growth but disturbs the ecological balance. 


Despite this, however, as in life so in cognition, trial and error is not optional, it is neurologically required as an adaptive mechanism. Mistakes are Nature's experiments in evolution. Equally, they are the Brain's experiences in Learning.  


An excessively academic attitude cuts itself off from the full forces of life, the many-sided challenges that life poses, the raw material on which human perception is nurtured and on which the dynamic, affective, vital and emotive dimensions of life are shaped. This is seen, for instance, in the failure of educational systems to meet the demands of everyday life. They provide neither an adequate mastery of technical skills on which all meaningful tasks in the world depend, nor a mastery and appreciation of social skills on which all meaningful relations and attitudes of contribution to the world are based. 


Indeed, even in the academic environment, it is seen that significant advances are made by individuals breaking away from conventional thinking. Thus it was that Einstein did what he did by refusing to accept the fact that it was obvious what absolute time was. The Wright brothers built their aircraft because they were 'ignorant' of the 'established opinion' that heavier than air objects could not fly. John S Bell formulated his theorem by detecting the error that John Von Neumann had made in his mathematical formulation of Quantum Mechanics. In recent times, W. Brian Arthur proposed his economic model based on increasing returns after taking real-world events into account. In almost every field, examples are not wanting that stand witness to this counter-movement.


We believe it is time to take stock of the state of affairs in learning and revitalize it by avoiding all one-sided approaches. The great French Mathematician Henri Poincare made a prescient observation, "To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient propositions. Both dispense with the necessity of reflection."


Our Vision is to seek a harmonious synthesis of diverse domains of learning and inquiry both in our own lives and in the world at large. Thereby we endeavour to bring more meaning and life into learning and its alchemizing effect on human beings. 


Our Mission is to empower individuals to actualize their deepest potential and to enrich, enlighten and ennoble the world at large.