Madhavi Sharma: Psychologist and Counselor from 10th Grade


She stepped into the visitor's room hesitatingly. She was accompanied by her mother Mrinalini Sharma.

Madhavi Sharma had a smile on her face but looked wan and weary.


"She...she has failed in her maths final exam," began her mother. 


"She is in her 9th grade...they have given her only 17 days to take a re-exam. If she fails in that...," Mrinalini was almost in tears.


"She looks like a bright child," Ms. Pratiti B R and Dr. Ram the Directors of the Centre who were also counselors responded.


"She is...but she has been suffering from febrile convulsions since she was a child of three," her mother replied.


"Even then, she will be able to do it. I can see the potential in her. We would be happy to work with her," the directors offered.


"Is it really possible?" The mother doubted.


"Of course, we could make it possible, I mean, all of us together, including Madhavi. You would no doubt agree that admitting that it is possible is the first step for the actuality, wouldn't you," Pratiti asked. 


"Yes...but we have so less time," the mother sighed.

"Time is rarely the factor in such things," Dr. Ram put in, "what matters most is the child's willingness to conquer."


"I want to conquer," Madhavi spoke encouraged by the conversations they were having.

"Then, nothing can stop you," Ms. Pratiti replied. "We can start from tomorrow. Today we will work out a strategy for you."


"Is that all?" Asked the mother. 


"Yes, and just one more thing, we would like some more information about Madhavi, both from you and especially from her." 


They soon gathered the required information.


The next day the Directors began to work with Madhavi. She had been suffering from febrile convulsions since a three month old child. She could not hold her attention for long and would soon forget what she had studied, sometimes just the previous day. She had a strong will but would easily tire of exercising it. But the strategy the two Faculties had developed began to take effect. Madhavi began to absorb unconsciously what she could not do so consciously. Day by day her confidence grew. 


As the day of the re-exam approached, her mother asked, "Can she pass?"


"Of course, she will," assured the Directors.


And Madhavi passed with 45% marks, much more than the required minimum. 


"I did it, I passed," Madhavi shouted with joy the next day.


"Yes, you did it. Henceforth you will always conquer," the Directors reassured her. "She has managed it this time. It was one subject. Now that she will go to the 10th grade, she will be having many other subjects. 


How can we be sure of her success?" Her mother asked. 


"She will do it," Ms. Pratiti replied reassuringly.


"Could you please guide her through this year also?" Her mother requested.


"Of course, we would be happy to do so," both the Directors replied. 


They worked with Madhavi the whole year adopting and changing strategies. To help Madhavi absorb unconsciously, what she could not consciously, Ms. Pratiti developed a unique approach. Soon she built up a close rapport with Madhavi. This was to play a most important role in Madhavi's entire psychological growth and learning. Madhavi grew in self confidence and assurance. At the end of the academic year, she secured 65% in the board examinations. She had made it. And she soon obtained a seat in a Preuniversity college in the Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology combination.


From that year, she became a topper in the College. She decided to go in for a Psychology degree for her undergraduate studies. A year later, she passed out of the Preuniversity with a high Distinction. Three years later, she obtained her B.A in Psychology and is now almost on her way to complete her Master's degree. Ms. Pratiti B R and Dr. Ram had empowered Madhavi to achieve a lasting Breakthrough.