CFRCE Quantum Physics & Quantum Computation Program

It was his 12th birthday and Prathik had received a book with a strange title, "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat." He had been intrigued by the title and his curiosity aroused, he had read it from cover to cover. He could not make out anything at all of it. Feeling a bit challenged, he decided to read through it once again, this time with the help of a notebook. He very carefully made notes of all that he could not make sense of. But still, the content of the book eluded him. Not that he could not understand in a literal sense. That he very well did. Somehow, he felt that that understanding was not really understanding. It was a superficial. The book appeared to hint at something deeper. Perhaps a layer of reality hidden to plain sight and requiring him to go beneath the surface. But what was the surface and what the depth? Intuitively it seemed evident. Logically it was baffling.


Not to be put off so easily, Prathik began to hunt through all possible sources on the topic of the book, "Quantum Physics." This led him to his next book, "David Deutsch's The Fabric of Reality." This time Prathik was really stumped. This book was much harder to understand and even more intriguing. Besides it was written by a practicing Quantum Physicist who was also a pioneer of a strange new concept called Quantum Computation. Prathik had a good acquaintance with computers and programming. But never had he come across quantum computation.

Thus began his quest to unearth both Quantum Physics and Quantum Computation. Soon, excitement took on a touch of disappointment. No one he asked could tell him what really those two topics meant. True, many could tell him something about Quantum Physics. Much of it veiled than revealed what it was. Fewer still could tell him something about Quantum Computation. Reluctantly, Prathik made a decision. He would first pick up a good background in the mathematics and physics and then take to these topics in earnest. But the question was how long. Conventional education pointed out to him that he would have to wait for completion of at least his Bachelor's degree. He had been waiting and now he was just going to complete his 12th grade. Would he have to let four years pass before he could do his dream studies. It was just too long.


It was at this time that a friend had told him of the CFRCE Quantum Physics and Quantum Computation Program. It seemed too good to be true and fortunately it did turn out to be exactly like that. Prathik had applied and got his admission into the program. At last he was able to learn of all that he wanted to, Bell's Theorem, Quantum Entanglement, Kochen-Specker Paradox, Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communication even. He was on his way to equip himself to perhaps be one of the pioneers in building the first Quantum Computer. And soon after equipping himself with the 4-year Credits and Certificates he landed in a dual Masters degree program in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science at one of the finest universities in the United States along with an internship at Google.


The CFRCE Quantum Physics and Quantum Computation Program is a dream program for the bright young undergraduate student of science and engineering keen to learn the most modern concepts and methods of Quantum Physics on one hand and the foundations of Computer Science on the other hand. It is perhaps the only program of its kind in that it steeps the earnest student in the most foundational aspects of Quantum Physics, Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, Quantum Communication, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Cryptography and Computer Science.