Scientific Achiever's Program

Become the Scientist You are Born to Be

"A false path in life is generally something we are attracted to for the wrong reasonsmoney, fame, attention, and so on. If it is attention we need, we often experience a kind of emptiness inside that we are hoping to fill with the false love of public approval. Because the field we choose does not correspond with our deepest inclinations, we rarely find the fulfilment that we crave. Our work suffers for this, and the attention we may have gotten in the begining starts to fadea painful process...

Your strategy must be twofold: first, to realize as early as possible that you have chosen your career for the wrong reasons, before your confidence takes a hit. And second, to actively rebel against those forces that have pushed you away from your true path. Scoff at the need for attention and approvalthey will lead you astray." - Robert Greene

It was his first day at College. He had just entered his Bachelor's degree program in science with a great drive for astrophysics. He had somewhat swallowed his disappointment to know that there was no opportunity to learn astrophysics until his Masters or Doctoral level. That meant he had to wait for at least three to five years. But he had already waited for five years. Yes, he had been fascinated by astronomy and astrophysics since his 7th grade. He had been told that he could pursue them after he finished high school. That appeared to be a promise. And he felt it quite fair. He decided to wait for five years. Now that wait was over. But the promise had not been kept. He was being asked to wait for yet another five years. Once a promise was broken how could he be sure it would not be again? Who would stand surety for that? No he would not take that risk again. But then what could he do? Where could he turn to?

Vinay was desperate. He did the next best thing he could. He looked up online for courses on Astronomy and Astrophysics. He looked up especially the Khan Academy videos and found them a great source of inspiration and support. But he longed for a more systematic support, a forum, a community that he could belong to and discuss, debate, learn, solve problems, teach even and to the real thing, engage in inquiry and research. It was at that point that he heard of CFRCE. Within a month he was a student and just after three years of his undergraduate studies, he was a fine Astrophysicist in the making and heading on his way to the University of Bonn, Germany for his Masters and Doctoral research in Astrophysics.

Many a bright young high school and undergraduate student is found often fascinated by science and science-based technology. He or she is  enthralled by the stars and space, by astronomy and astrophysics, nanotechnology, microbiology, biomolecules, genetic engineering, aerospace engineering, theoretical physics and mathematics and indeed a host of topics that offer high intellectual challenge and stimulation.

Conventionally, such a student has a long wait before he or she can even begin to learn the topics of interest in earnest. And by that long wait most often the interest wanes and the passion dissipates. The best other alternative is for the student to embark on an independent course of studies. The CFRCE Scientific Achiever's Program is precisely the opportunity for such students.

The CFRCE Scientific Achiever's Program provides an early opportunity to earnest students to begin their research-studies right away, in parallel to their formal degree programs. The crucial difference is that the Scientific Achiever's Program focuses on laying down a strong and firm foundation for research and inquiry and introducing the student directly into research methodology. Moreover, it follows a dual track of personal development and domain mastery and inevitably empowers the student with the research mindset.

Who can join

  • Exceptionally motivated B.Sc, B.E, B.Tech students interested in Research and Scientific Inquiry.
  • Students applying to foreign universities for graduate studies with requirement of learning/research exposure. 


  • The program is unique in introducing frontier topics in the student's field of interest that are rarely offered in a  typical introductory/undergraduate setting.
  • The program has been designed to equip the student with the research mindset, to read and understand research papers and to embark on independent research and inquiry.


  • The student's interest, passion and fascination are nurtured holistically.
  • The student learns to optimize time and energy and do full justice to academics without compromising or giving up any of the extra-academic activities like sports, games, cultural pursuits.
  • The student learns to leverage learning and embark on research and inquiry.
  • The student is inevitably led to secure admission to Master's and Doctoral Programs at Ivy League Universities via GRE and related examinations.

Credits and Certificates

  • Successful completion the topics is awarded with a certificate and the credits earned.
  • Students learn to use Projects and Internships to consolidate their learning and progress rather than the conventional practice of tests and exams.
  • The spirit of inquiry and investigation is encouraged thus nurturing the scientist and innovator, leader and entrepreneur in the making.


The syllabus is designed by CFRCE and customized with care, taking due account of the interest, passion and research topic of the student. 


Application for this program is open throughout the year.

Send a request for appointment to or call: 99450 56668 / 96324 36989 / 96864 49989 to talk to us in person.

Admission Process 

  • The interested student and parents take an appointment and meet the Program Director.
  • After the first meeting with the Program Director, an Application Form for the particular program will be sent by email.
  • The completed application form is to be submitted over email to
  • The CFRCE Board will shortlist and finalize the selection of the student.
  • Selected students can then enrol themselves by completing the admission formalities.


The decision of CFRCE board on all matters regarding admission is final.