CFRCE Breakthrough Success Stories

CFRCE has been founded on the philosophy and psychology of positive change. Indeed, from the very start the organization has focused on empowering Individuals to burst beyond the bounds of their limitations and achieve breakthroughs that transform their lives forever. Below is represented the key success stories gleaned from the case studies of such individuals year by year. The names and dialogues have been changed suitably to protect identity but the facts are genuine and have been well documented. 


  1. Rajeev Rao: Mastery in Neuroscience, AI & Machine Learning from 7th Grade
  2. Shankar K: Mathematician and Computer Scientist from 8th Grade
  1. Prathik Ballal: Accomplished Internet Business Entrepreneur from 12th Grade
  2. Madhavi Sharma: Psychologist and Counselofrom 10th Grade
  3. Abhinav K: Accomplished Roboticist from 11th Grade
  4. Bijoy Krishan: To Ivy League College from 11th Grade
  5. Ankith P: Phenomenal Right Brain Learner from 7th Grade